Deniz Tortum is an artist working in film, video and new media. He is a graduate of MIT Comparative Media Studies and the Open Documentary Lab. His most recent film If Only There Were Peace (co-dir Carmine Grimaldi) premiered in 2017 at True/False Film Festival. He is currently a fellow at Harvard Film Study Center where he is working on a film about a hospital in Istanbul. Current research interests include virtual reality, machine vision aesthetics, and decentralized computing. 
Artist Statement: 
Technologies of vision constantly reshape the way we make sense of the world, from the discovery of linear perspective to virtual reality. My work interrogates this process, asking how we can think of “inhuman” vision; how machine perspectives change our relationship to human bodies and human experience, be it via a camera, a laser scanner, or an immersive Virtual Reality headset. In an attempt to move away from causality and chain-of-events narratives, I build works of contingency, searching forms of representation inclusive of ambiguity and complexity.  These works and their subjects oscillate between representation and their own, virtual, thingness.

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