co-directed with Can Eskinazi
It is the summer of 2014. Turkey is on the cusp of a presidential election. An amateur psychedelic jam band from Istanbul load their equipment in a 1980 VW van and hit the road, traveling to cities around Turkey. Fueled by the spirit of social changeĀ and a nostalgic appreciation for 1970s Anatolian Rock, the band members stop in cities to give free, impromptu concerts. Their well-meaning attitudes contrast with their difficult music, as they engage in a social experiment with different communities through the country. Between snippets of radio news updates, political TV shows, YouTube videos, late-night conversations, election rallies and nights in cheap motels, they meet inquiring old women, baffled security guards, earnest cab drivers and depressed teenagers. As they drive their van across the plains and through the mountains, they find themselves moving towards an increasingly uncertain destination.
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2019
!F Istanbul 2018