A search party searches for someone lost in a forest, in turn becoming lost themselves within the arboreal zone. A half-civilian, half-police force group evacuates the village and the forest for construction, and seek in turn the seekers. An old tree releases a slumbering spell, overtaking everyone within its reach. Floodplain is built upon the world of Yuva, the Biennale College Cinema feature film.
Venice Film Festival 2018
São Paulo International Film Festival 2018
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2018
Floodplain is set against a man-made environmental crisis and explores our relationships to each other at the end of nature. If we can no longer be what we were, can we really become something new? Can we be a forest, or a stone; can we be a multitude of organisms; can we be nothing? Can we be something that we don’t know we can be yet?
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